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Have you ever wanted to know more about your favourite presenters? Like where they got started, their favourite artists or what got them into music? Here we reveal interesting facts and information about a presenter each week!

This week we take a look at Lucia! | Miss James last week? Here's your second chance!

Michael Fox Interviews Marian Waldron

Santa Claus Did You Know?

  • - Santa Claus must travel 218 million miles on Christmas Eve visiting all the good little girls and boys in one night!
  • - Starting in 1931 with a Coca-Cola advert, Santa's jacket and pants became red. They used to be green!
  • - In China, he is called Shengdan Laoren!
  • - In Mexico and Latin America, some children will also put their letters in a helium balloon. The balloon then flies magically to Santa Claus.
  • - In Austria and Britain, beer and sherry are left for Santa Claus!


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