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Have you ever wanted to know more about your favourite presenters? Like where they got started, their favourite artists or what got them into music? Here we reveal interesting facts and information about our presenters!

This week we take a look at Michael Fox! | Miss Joe last time? Here's your second chance!

Christmas Did You Know?

  • -For December, over 2000 new listeners logged onto this website!
  • -For 2019, the top 3 cities with the most ICMR listners are Dublin, London and Liptovsky Mikulas!
  • -During Christmas, the average listener tuned in for 2 hours!
  • -Fans of ICMR have tuned in from 217 countries in 2019!
  • -Our listeners have download a total of 50TB of music across the globe last year! If an average song is 4mb. that'd be 12,500,000 songs worth of data!

ICMR Charity Walk In Aid of the Samaritans (2012)


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